RDBX-RDNX Type Rotary Gear Pump

Product Code: WM19

Minimum Order Quantity: 1/Piece

Additional Information:
RDBX-RDNX Type Rotary Gear Pump

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Gear Pump Selection & uses: RDBX/NX series pumps are medium pressure pumps designed for viscous pressure application up to 21 bar. The bush bearing version type RDBX is used for clean or dirty viscous & semi-viscous liquid where the shaft surface speed is less. Pump up to 21/2" size can be run at 1440 RPM & for higher size, the speed should be reduced to 960 RPM or lower. The self-lubricated needle roller bearing type can be used for clear viscous liquid & can be run at 1440 RPM for all sizes. This pump is ideally suited for fuel pressuring, hydraulic, medium pressure lubrication & transfer applications.

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