Plunger Type Flow Control Valves F500

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Plunger Type Flow Control Valves F500

The needle valve is mainly designed for the water flow regulation in a pipeline. The flow regulation happens through the axial movement of a piston, operated by a rod and crank mechanism. The piston is positioned in the center of the body valve and steers in a chamber properly shaped in order to avoid noises and cavitations damages. This characteristic confers to the valve's regular operation free from vibrations. The water flow is guided in an annular chamber around the streamlined central body. The cross-section of this chamber is continuously reducing from the inlet to the throttle. This causes continuous rises in flow speed and a fall of the pressure. The geometrically ideal design, confines the cavitations bubbles in the center of the outlet mouth, avoiding damages to the valve.

  • Here we can set the required flow in the controller.
  • The flow sensor attached to the pipeline measures and transmits the flow data to the controller.
  • The controller compares the data with the setpoint and a corrective signal is sent to the valve actuator.
  • As per the corrective signal received, the actuator will adjust the position of the valve to attain the required flow.
  • Hence, the flow is controlled.

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